Our Mission: Helping People Share Who They Are With The World.

By Fred Meyers, President and Founder

What does this mean?

It starts with the first word, helping. In its simplest terms, we are here to help however we can. Yes we charge for our services, but our goal is not to simply make money, but to be as helpful as we can, which means being able to invest in people and processes to be great at what we do. We have a particular expertise in producing custom logo apparel, primarily for small and medium sized businesses, so that is where we are most likely going to be able to help the most, but anything we can do to help is our pleasure!

The second word of our Mission Statement is also important: people. While we generally serve small and medium sized business, our customers are still just people, and we never forget that. We are never too busy to say Hi, or ask how you are, and we really do care! We work very hard to be the best we can be, but we realize that whatever happens, it is the connections we make with our customers, coworkers and suppliers, day in and day out, that gives meaning to our lives.

Then next important word in our mission is Share. By providing great quality custom logo apparel quickly, economically and with a smile on our faces, we give you the ability to express who you are, and share your vision of how you can help by doing what you do best. It is through sharing of all kinds that our communities strengthen and grow, and we feel the greatest service we can provide is helping you do just that.

Who are you? That can be a good question some times. For a company or an organization, it can often be captured or expressed through a logo. We have seen a lot of logos in 35 years! Most of them have been customer supplied, but we have created quite a few very good ones for our customers during that time as well. Is a picture worth a thousand words? We have seen and have created some logos that are worth a lot more than that.

With the World. Say it loud and say it proud! We want to help you think BIG and to help you maximize your impact on the world! Your success will match your ambitions and we want to help you be very successful, whatever that means to you. So whoever you are, don't just share it with your friends, family and community, let us help you share it with the world!