About Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods to create custom tees. With vibrant colors and full-size prints, we can make your logo shine on any item. Screen printing is the perfect choice for large orders, as we are proud to offer discounted prices based on the quantities you need. Our Printed Apparel category has a variety of styles all with a standard 25 piece minimum order.

Q. What are the minimum purchase requirements?

A. 25 pieces per version of your logo. A "version" refers to size, format, and ink colors. There is a max of 5 colors that we can print. If your logo contains more than 5 colors, please contact our Customer Engagement team for assistance.

Q. What are the specifications for artwork uploaded for Printing?

A. The artwork you submit to us must meet these requirements:

We can accept the following file types under 5MB: .AI and .EPS. Files larger than 5MB can be emailed to support@queensboro.com. Other formats, such as .JPG, .JPEG, .PDF, .GIF, .BMP, and .SVG can be accepted, but will require a one-time $20 recreation fee to setup for use.

Q. Can you print a photo on t-shirts?

A. Currently, we are not printing gradients or photographic images. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If your logo has gradients or you have a photographic image, please contact our Customer Engagement team to see how we can help.

**Please note: ALL printed logos based on photos will be screen printed using half-tones and tone dots. If have questions about this process, please contact us! We'll be happy to evaluate your logo and discuss options available.

Q. What is the fee for having my Embroidery logo translated into a Printed Logo?

A. If your original file that was uploaded for embroidery has a resolution of at least 150 DPI it will be free. However, if the original file that was uploaded for embroidery is not a high enough resolution we can recreate your artwork for a one-time fee of $20. This will allow you to order any of our screen print apparel and have your logo printed at any size.

Q. What ink colors are available for my screen printed logo?

A. All the colors of the rainbow! However, please note that all screen print orders are limited to no more than 5 ink colors for your printed logo. If you require a specific color for your logo, we can match Pantone and CMYK color models.

Q. Where can you print on a T-shirt?

A. When ordering printed apparel you will have the option of three different location for your logo. You can choose either left, right, or center chest at 4" X 4", full front at 12" X 12", or full back at 12" X 12". However, logos are sized proportionately when printing so the maximum sizes may vary per logo. If you have special needs, please contact us.

Q. Can my logo be printed in two locations?

A. Yes, you can choose to have your logo printed in two locations such as left chest and full back for an additional cost. For all printed items the second logo location price will be based on the number of items ordered and is included with the pricing information on each style page.

Q. Can you print on dark colored shirts? Do you print white ink?

A. Yes. We are able to print on all color fabrics.

Q. How are white areas of my design printed?

A. For different fabric colors the white elements of your logo will print differently:

  • For Printing on Light Fabric: If your printed apparel style selected is white, we will use the fabric as the white elements in your logo design. For other light fabrics, white will be used as an ink color unless otherwise requested in your logo instructions to our Art Team.
  • For Printing on Dark Fabric: All dark fabrics will have a white ink base included, with the additional 5 ink colors allowed printed on top of that base layer. This ensures that the colors will be vivid and saturated on dark items.

  • Q. Can I order have my logo embroidered and printed on the same shirt?

    A. We are unable to embroider and print on the same apparel item. However, you can place an order with embroidered shirts and printed shirts.

    Q. Why can't I order the same items for screen print that I can for embroidery?

    A. Screen printing is a very specific process which requires apparel specially designed for direct to garment printing. While embroidery can be done on a large variety of materials, screen print can only be done on fabrics that are compatible with our ink and printing process. Some of our most popular items for embroidery will not work for screen printing due to the fabric content, texture and ornamentation such as buttons, seams, or zippers. You will find our complete line of items available for screen printing under our Printed Apparel categories.